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Laptop Recovery Disk Quiery

Dark Lord

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Hey all,

its been a long time since i posted here :P

I have a minor query about the Recovery Disk of a laptop.

I just got a Lenovo y560p laptop. With a 500 gb hard-drive.

It has a 420gb OS partition and the remaining 80 gb the recovery partition with drivers n stuff.

Now, i can create a recovery disk from that rite? Now, the question is that once i create the recovery disk.I am going to create more partitions for data storage and ubuntu installation. So, if in the future, i use the recovery disk i created, will it format the whole hard drive and get me to the state it was when i created the disk. Or will it just format the default Windows OS partition and leave the rest of my partitions untouched?

Some of my friends think that the recovery disk is kinda like a clone disk.So it will put the lappy HD back to the state it was when i created it.Hence, i might possible lose the other partitions n the data.

So, does anyone has any idea about this? Or tried the recovery process..?

Thank you.


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Recovery partitions on pre-built PC's have the whole operating system set up by the manufacturer so you can use some BIOS function or even some CD to recover it with drivers and programs preinstalled. Ubuntu installation can be installed side-to-side with Windows and it will create its partitions for itself with different file systems, it shouldn't affect the recovery partition, even though if you ever need to recover from it, the Ubuntu boot manager will disappear and you'll lose all data in Ubuntu but stay with it on the hard drive. Uninstalling Ubuntu would be another problem, even though you could use GParted (A live-cd application for partitioning) you would stay with the Ubuntu partition unallocated and you couldn't really add it to any existing partition unless it was fully formatted/unallocated, and after GParted using the recovery disk to recover the boot sectors with Repair Windows Startup option.

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