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Our 24/7 server:

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Real-Life Roleplay Is a brand new roleplay server with a lot of exciting features, an experienced admin and development team..Our gamemode is custom made so our team knows everything about it! It takes place in Las Venturas which almost none servers use. This is not another server which is based on the GF gamemode, everything is unique! All of your information will be stored in a fast and secure MySQL database and is highly secured so you are safe! We do our best to keep our player enjoyed, so that's why there are a lot of updates.

We care about our players, not about our VIP's!




Dynamic Houses

Over 1200 houses can be bought in Las Venturas and also be sold ofcourse. You can store your weapons in it and everything you want!

Dynamic Businesses

Over 50 businesses are found in Las Venturas. All of them are owned by the state at the moment but if you want to buy one, you can!

Just contact a admin and he will tell you the current price. Once you agree with the price it's all yours!

There are 8 types of businesses:

24/7's | Clothing Stores | Bars | Sex Shops | Car Dealerships | Gym's | Cluckin' Bells | Burger Shots | Pizza Stacks

Dynamic Vehicles

Almost all vehicles you know in San Andreas can be bought at one of the two car dealerships. They will cost some money but believe me, it's worth it!

All your cars will be saved in our database, so if you mod one everything will be saved!

Also, all of ours cars comes with your own trunk! You can put your weapons in it so you are sure they are safe.

Hundreds of animations

What is RP without animations? That's also what we thought and that's why there are over 100 animations!

With all those animation we are sure you will find the perfect animations to make your RP more than perfect.

Unique arrest system

Watch out for the cops or you will end up in jail! When you commit a crime you can be arrested for it.

The officer will fine some money and you have spend time in jail.

Our jail is custom mapped and everything is in there to still RP so you won't be bored in there.

Multiple Jobs

At the moment there are 3 official jobs and 2 mini jobs.

The 3 official jobs are:

Arms Dealer | Mechanic | Detective

The 2 mini jobs are:

Drugs Delivery | Pizzaboy

Both the mini jobs can be done even when you have a official job.


There 4 factions which are official. All of them have there own leader and are controlled by them.

The 4 factions are:

LVPD (Police) | LVMD (Medic) | San Andreas Government | San Andreas News

You can apply for a function in one of these factions at our forums. Just go to the correct forums and read how to apply for a function.


Also in Las Venturas there are gangs. At the moment (because we just started) there is 1 gang.

There name is the Cuneo Crime Family.

Every gang will have there own HQ and 4 gang vehicles. Once your gang has been accepted there will discussed about the HQ placement.

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