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How to edit for SWATVAN and FBITRUCK

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There are 2 files you need will need to edit..

All the files are in RockStar/GTA San Andreas/DATA/



When you open the cargrp file, via windows notepad, or whatever you prefer. You will see how the cars are grouped

Airport Crew, Airport Runway. Clubbers (party peds), Workers, Gangs, and several others as well.

I wiped out a few of the [ Airport Runway } vehicles and added the SWATVAN, and FBITRUCK, You could leave the original runway vehicles as is, and just add the SWATVAN, FBITRUCK. I ran into problems with the game spawning traffic, when I first played with these vehicles, I typed them into different defined "groups" , but the game spawned very few vehicle. Thus why I choose to use the Airport Runway, the vehicles, will spawn around or near (outside) the airport.

You will have to enter into the airport runways, and find an area where the Runway Crews vehicles spawn, they would be

driving normal Runway Vehicles but also FBITRUCK's, and SWATVAN's

You will also need to open and edit the PEDS.IDE file (again with notepad, or whatever you prefer).

You are going to need to change a few lines around. 2 peds will need to go from cowards, and become tough guys.

MALE01 ---------> (a default ped, that is used for a quick load until certain peds are spawned).

BMYAP -------> Black, Male, Young, Airport worker

You are looking for line STAT_COWARD change it too STAT_TOUGH_GUY

Once they are tough guys you can punch or hit the vehicle with a blunt object, bat ,shovel, and they will get pissed and want to fight you for smashing up da ride.

Of course you can do whatever you want and add these vehicles to any of the "defined Groups" in the cargrp file. :thumbsup:

Why do you need to do this?? If you dont they just simply speed off??? WHY??

All police or emergency vehicles are always locked with POLICE, EMS, FIRE, FBI, ARMY, still in them, unless they happened to get out to shoot a ped, or to fight another ped who wrecked into there vehicle. Rockstar has it set-up this way. Plus I have not found the flags and or files to have all emergency vehicles unlocked at all times..

The SWATVAN's and FBIRTUCK's are no different, only in this case the MALE01 and BMYAP peds are driving, but because it is a police vehicle they doors will be locked.

You could also add to the defined group sections, Quad's and Bandito, Vehicles that do not appear for peds use, can now become everyday ped vehicles. The hotknife and the phoenix as well..


You will see a large group of vehicles, in the cargrp file, they are bunched together but have no defined ID Group attached,I believe these are general passenger vehicles the game spawns, you will see the Phoenix car has already been written into these groups of cars. But for some reason it does not spawn as a general passenger vehicle. You could add the car name to the beach, park, or to whatever defined group you want.

You can also type the HotKnife into this file and have it appear, these vehicles are not going to spawn all the time, and anyone that has played the game long enough knows how hard it can be for certain vehicles to appear.

I should also warn you there is yet another file, in the data folder called VEHICLES, you will look for the "CLASS" section, this defines poor, rich (wealthy) farmers, executive, workers. It give certain peds vehicles based on there jobs, or social status..... and so forth.. You could edit the class name, so the Tursimo could become a "poor family" vehicle and it would spawn in poor neighborhoods.


When I started to play with the cargrp file, I had the Family's (Groove Street Gangs) driving the Swatvan and FBITrucks

this created 2 problems. First the in game spawning of random vehicles became few and far between. Second it was just about damn near impossible to go in and out of traffic, with just about every vehicle being FBITrucks, or Swatvans.

I have the Family's driving the Phoenix, HotKnife, and the Huntley (rip off or spoof of the real life Land Rover)..

Enjoy............. :wtf:

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I said is was not a mod, in the true sense, there are a lot of these "data mods" uploaded. I cannot believe no one thought of this shortly after the game was released for PC, or maybe those out there that did never mentioned it. Mod Makers made trainers, or edited the script, and all you had to do was a simple re-write of the cargrp file. :wtf: I did this awhile back but thought I would share it.

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It wasn't mentioned cause it's self explanatory -.- I don't wanna seem ungrateful but it would probably take less time if I edited the file myself rather than downloading it.

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