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GTA V - San Andreas?

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GTA V is on its way. The sequel to the best-selling GTA IV has been pegged for a 2012 release, with sources at the game’s creator Take-Two telling Gamespot that a launch next year is “pretty likely.”

While details remain scarce, the insiders were bold enough to claim that GTA V is, “…the big one,” and that development is “well under way.” Word is that Take-Two and Rockstar are already finalising last details such as mini-games.

Where GTA V is set is still not clear. Recent tittle tattle has suggested the follow-up is likely to be based in an LA-like city, building on the California-themed success to the ace GTA San Andreas.

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There have been rumors of it being in development for sometime now but a next year launch is highly unlikely, 2013 is a better estimate considering there has been no official word from Rockstar on it.

Was hoping they'd announce something at Gamescom, don't think that's gonna happen though.

@Tuner Piss off you lil' twat.

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@Tuner: Yeah this isn't spam, chill the fuck out.

@Evo: Actually I tend to agree with GameSpot on this, if you saw my news post last week I personally suggested an October 2012 release based on the 'facts' that became apparent there. Read it. You might change your mind :P

I'm also thinking a return to San Andreas is most likely now, if we assume R* will recreate rather than take us to a whole new city. I originally pushed Vice City quite a lot (again as a strong personal hunch) but having thought more about it I don't think it would work. A modern day Vice City could kinda suck. The 80's vibe was perfect for it. A modern day one? I don't think so. The map wasn't fantastic either. But we'll see. At the moment I'm betting San Andreas, or at least one of the cities from it, and hoping for October 2012 release.

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My 2013 assumption is based on Rockstar's previous marketing campaigns. Its safe the difference between the date they announce something and the actual release date will be well over a year. They had just the teaser site for Gta4 up for what, 2 years+?

Between SA and Vice City, IMO the smaller one is more likely. That or they may use only one city from San Andreas. I don't think current gen conslols will be able to run an updated version of SA.

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When it comes to playing the large scale GTA games (GTA San Andreas, GTA IV), it is best to play them on console, as the PC versions have glitches and bugs that don't exist on the console versions. However, when it comes to playing the small scale GTA games (GTA III, GTA Vice City), the PC is the best platform to play them on.

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