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New to forum and needing advice


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Doubt they were real. But even if they were, no, you won't find PS3 mods here, and I doubt you'll find 'em anywhere else since Sony is so pissy about 'em. And even if you do, the best mods I've seen were car spawners and modified handling (both of which were on the 360), and chances are you'll be banned from PSN as soon as you start up the modded game.

But don't worry, I'm sure it's not permanent... right?

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There are some mods but you wont find them here or any other GTA site. You can find them on torrent sites, you download the mod, and you make a new ISO then you burn it. This is illegal!! There are some minor mods like Tun3er mentioned (car spawners etc) and you can find these mods on GTA IV ps3 sites but you wont be able to play online with those mods.

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