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Max Payne 3 release date and trailer coming


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So Max Payne 3 finally has a release date, March 2012, for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. And the trailer is coming on Wednesday!

I'm pretty excited for this game, any of you lot getting it? And for which system? I'll probably get it for PC since that's what I have Max Payne 1 and 2 on, but since it will have multiplayer I may got it on a console too depending on how many others will have it.

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Evo stop reading my mind :( It's illegal... in most states. In some states...

Anyway seems a bit early for Rockstar, it's good news don't get me wrong, I just hope they aren't rushing it at the end.

Anyway that mean PayneKillers is back?

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I Imagine (re: baldness) that you'll jump into gameplay at different points in time. As for when it's released, i hope it's not around November. Lotta games coming November :(

He did say it's released in March 2012... but yeah I'd expect it to be delayed once more ^^

So the more you play the more depressed Max gets and loses his hair... they could at least cut the beard damn it he looks like... a bald guy with beard -.-

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