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My GTASA saved games are corrupted.Help!


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Depends on if it's the PC, PS2, or XBox version. PS2, could be that your memory card got smacked around too much, or it could be you used certain cheats and then saved. Same case for the XBox version. If it's the PC version, your hard drive could have gone bad, or you used too many cheats and saved, or you installed a mod. If the mod you installed came with a new main.scm file, the savefiles won't work until you get the old main.scm back. As for repairing, some kind soul might be able to play back up to where ever you were in the game.

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i have had that trouble in a few of my gta games, even san andreas. most of my problems have occured because i cheated in some sort of way, and eventually saved the game, which corrupted my memory card. it may not be cool but you may want to restart your san andreas game, and see what happens from there.

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