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LCES Recruiting

Liberty City Emergency Services (LCES) Now Hiring

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Liberty City Emergency Services (LCES) is one of the most popular and most recognized Police Clans in the Xbox 360 Gaming Community. Before a Patrol begins we select a team of Crooks and Cops. During a patrol, certain officers have certain responsibilities or division they serve during the patrol such as Dispatch, Aviation, Detective and S.W.A.T.

The other main part of our patrols is the Crook team. The crooks are a major part of our patrols. The crook team is responsible for providing realistic and fun scenarios for the police officers during the patrol. LCES is committed to realistic role-playing and proper use of Police Codes. LCES was founded in 2008 and is one of the most popular and most respected Police clans.

If you are interested in joining our clan, please visit our website www.LCESClan.net and go to our Forums and click on Join the Clan. When you fill out our application, please make sure to put what website you saw our Recruiting Posts on.

Our divisions:

Aviation: The Aviation Unit is the most advanced division in LCES. We use the most advanced tool to help keep Liberty City crime free. Aviation pilots assist the ground units during high speed vehicle pursuits, foot pursuits, checking building rooftops, and much more. Aviation Trainees must go through intense training sessions to become a fully certified pilot. They train in fields such as high speed pursuits, foot pursuits, picking up and dropping off SWAT members on buildings, helping the Detective track suspicious vehicles, water rescues, and a lot more.

Detective Bureau: The Detective Bureau is a specialized division that specializes in investigations, negotiations, and anti-crime operations. For example, Detectives are highly trained negotiators who handle suicide situations and deal with people who have taken hostages. Being a Detective means knowing how to handle each situation and being able to read the victims/criminals emotions and how they will react with each move taken towards them.

S.W.A.T: The chief roles of S.W.A.T. are Hostage Rescue, Domestic Counter-Terrorism, Apprehending barricaded suspects, Helicopter operations and rescue mission, High-risk raids, searches, arrests, warrants, mobile assaults, maritime operations, fugitive hunts and rural operations.

Training: The training division of LCES is where everything starts from becoming a recruit to a patrol officer. The training department is responsible for training new recruits joining the clan, evaluating current patrol officers, and making sure all patrol officers are performing up to the clan standards. The training department is committed to the task of ensuring that all members of LCES benefit from training, as well as maximizing their personal development in patrols.

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Fuck's sake how many times to you have to advertise your retarded clan here. Nobody wants to join cause it's stupid, deal with it.

Damn Xbox fanboys are morons...

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Hey, we appreciate you taking the time to advertise your clan on our site, however making multiple topics is not necessarily the way to attract new members... it gives off a bad vibe. may I suggest that you make no further threads, and instead leave some of your contact details in your post, or better yet, in your signature so that people can contact you whether or not they see your threads immediately.

Thanks, Llama

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