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Favourite Music Genre

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Any kind of rock rules. How can you not like bands like Green Day (especially the old skool stuff), Simple Plan, F-Ups, Foo Fighters, Sum41, Falloutboy, Rooster, American high 5 etc.

I hate all of those bands except for Foo Fighters.

I like the "old" Punk Rock. Today's "Punk Rock" (Such as Green Day, Blink 182, etc.) is shit in my opinion.

More like it isn't even Punk. Fuck labels.

But you know..now that I think about it. There is so much music in the world, I can't mention just a couple of things. Honestly, that would look silly and give the wrong impression.

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i like:

Electro/House (Armand van Helden, The Presets, Basement Jaxx, The Aston Shuffle, Tommy Trash, Tom Piper, The Chemical Brothers, Mason, Fedde Le Grand)

I also like a lot of the classic rock (guns n roses, ACDC, songs on vrock in vice city),

some other rock bands i like : metallica, iron maiden,

most songs off this Michael jackson album

some old rap from snoop dogg, dre, 2pac, NWA (san andreas era which i think is early 90s) i like...plus some new rap but none really newer than 2004, its gotten a lot different, eg 50cent compared to NWA ... now its more about the beat sorta...whatever..

I honestly dont hate many types of music, im not too picky, but i cant stand screamo / emo music..and I tend to hate music at one time but then like it later (like in 2 weeks)

I also find I dont have a lot of songs by a particular artist, i have lots of songs from lots of artists

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Here goes my list...


Dark Ambient


Electronic / Techno

Psychedelic Trance

Trip Hop


Classic Rock

Psychedelic Rock

Alternative Rock


Thrash Metal

Death Metal

Black Metal

80's New Wave

Electro Hip-Hop

old school West Coast Gangsta Rap

Dirty South Gangsta Rap / Crunk

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In no particular order:

Punk Rock

Alternative Rock

Japanese Rock

Alternative Metal

Nu Metal

Hardcore Rap

Gangsta Rap

Southern Hip Hop

Japanese Hip Hop



All of those, except for maybe Rock, I do like a few rock bands, don't really like it a lot.

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Horrorcore and nu metal ftw!! :D

So there's apparently an endless amount of "genres"((honestly, they are all almost identical)) ending in "core". It's just people trying to feel special. Like someone takes hardcore and they'll make the vocals punk and they'll call it punkcore. It's just fucking stupid, really.

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I like rock and rap and classic rock. here some of my favorite rock and classic rock bands. my favorite rapper, yall probably never heard of but ill list him.






Classic Rock

The Eagles

Lynard Skynard

Ozzy Osbourne

Peter Frampton



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