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Top 10 best weapons you have played with?

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In no particular oder:

Portal Gun (Portal & Portal 2)

Sheep / Super Sheep (Worms series)

Canon (Serious Sam series)

Laser Gun (Serious Sam TFE & TSE)

Minigun (every game except Saints Row 2, there it feels more like a bigger SMG)

Your Eternal Reward (Team Fortress 2)

Sentry (Team Fortress 2 and Worms 4 Mayhem / Worms Ultimate Mayhem)

Planet Buster (Spore)

Gravity Gun (Half Life 2)

Machete (Postal 2) it's a machete that you throw like a boomerang, always comes back, instant kill for almost every enemy. Badass.

Too bad it kinda makes the game crash...

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Okay mine favorite list

BFG 9000


heat seeking rocket launcher(GTA SA)

tommy gun(serious sam 1)

psg-2 thermal scope type - II sniper(I.G.I 2)

M249 (counter strike)


chaingun(DOOM 3)

gravity gun(half life 2)

light saber (star wars)

Everyone should fall on their knees before the mighty BFG 9000 and the Soul cube

- random DOOM 3 guy

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It's a parody version of the Doom gun :P


Jazz jackrabbit is bad ass! Jazz 2 FTW!

I think most of my favorite gun's have been listed

Portal gun - Portal/Portal 2

Ak47 - GTA: San Andreas

Mini Gun - GTA: San Andreas

Concreate donkey - Worms Armageddon

Double barrelled shotgun - Doom II/ Doom 3: RoE

Cannon - Serious Sam Series

Shrink Ray - Duke Nukem 3D

Flak Cannon - Unreal Tournament 2004

P90 - Counter Strike Source

Torque Bow - Gears of War

Ummmm.. If I think of any more I'll post em

Edited by Red_Squirrel_UK

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