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RIP GTA3Freak-2001

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I am sorry if I am not allowed to discuss this here. I was informed about the death of one of the GTAForums Staff GTA3Freak-2001 by an Admin Tank. He was an active contributor there and he did commendable work in last 10 years. I had quit GTAF as I was demodded due to an arguement with one of the staff. I can never forget him though, he helped me since the time I joined in 2008.

So let us have a silence prayer in his memory for an excellent contributor.

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I can never recall any time being at odds with Chris, Seems I was nearly the first to hear of his death, at least at GTAF, I noticed him online, and it turned out to be his brother who told me the sad details.

At first, due to the common Mis-Information online, I could hardly believe that news, had passed it onto Waddy at GTAF. Soon after, we were lamenting not only the loss of Apple's Steve Jobs, but also Chris, who was unable to enjoy owning a car it appears, but he loved his auto racing games, hopefully they sated the urge. Sorry to lose a kind hearted GTA staffer, there are not many that I know.

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