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Halo 2 Anyone? (Original Xbox)

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Microsoft may of stopped xbox live support for original xbox game's.. But that's not to say we can't still play Halo 2 online

XBconnect my friends, is a program that trick's the game.. You'll be playing halo 2 online, but through system link. I used to use this program years back because my xbox was modded, there would literilly be hundreds of servers and it was a great FREE alternative to xbox live.

I re-installed the program last night and to my suprise, people are still on there playing H2!

So, anybody with a copy of halo 2, and an xbox (it works with a 360 console too!) who feel's like abit of halo 2, hit me up!

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Wait, Xbox 360 isn't the only Xbox? So it can be worse after all...

Anyway I think I tried running a Halo on PC once and it wouldn't even install... back on my old PC.

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