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" Donor PC Swap " can it be done

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I have as you know a really old piece of [email protected]# and i come to an conclusion of maybe i should look into of buy a " donor pc ?" that have no HHD so i can swap the HHD from this pc and put into another pc that is more powerful but i want to say in a budget

and my hardest and most difficult task is that of where to get it? now i trust 2 place amazon and some of my local retailer like " Best Buy and Walmart " so far i have no luck but i found place that have what i am looking for and i want to see if anyone did any purchase from them and what about EBAY are they trusted ?


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Urm yeah. I don't know if you're still active but you just want to swap the Hard Drive?

What do you want to donor for this operation? Testicles?

Oh ROFL, you're asking us where to buy it? Google is your friend.

God, just get it from PC World or 'Best Buy' or 'Amazon' just one tiny tip: most of ebay is BS.

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