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GTA V Fanart Thread


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I made this topic for everyone to post there GTA V Fanart! Covers, wallpapers, you name it you can post it. You can also find some PSD's and PNG's I have gathered to assist you in making your covers and logo's! You can find them at the very bottom of this thread. I'll get the ball rolling by posting my cover I did earlier.



These can be used for you to create your own cover. All of these are .PNG format so they keep their transparency and can be used in Photoshop. I have linked to them and not posted them as images as they're massive. I did use a PSD for the basic layout of the cover which I'll try hunt down and post shortly.

'V' Logo:

Grand Theft Auto V Logo:

Post away!

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You forgot to put a chick in the cover haha. It does look alright though.

@EinorasTo put an image in a post just click on the icon of the photo thing with the tree, in the post console. Then type in the URL of your image and you'll be good to go.

EDIT: Or in the full post editor just upload one from your pc.

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