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This is what i want in the next GTA


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Here, you can post pictures and photos of what you want to see in the next GTA. Saves people getting bored of the posts, and we could see some funny things. You could explain the photo, but it could be funny trying to guess.

Try to keep your images fairly small. If they are wider than 800px, please just link to them instead. Please do not post without posting a picture as well. This is for pictures, not discussion.






fatman.gif This is called the "Fatman"

Should be enough to keep you going

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peeedo unless you mean kids in general, still, peeedo

Just because he wants children in the game doesn't mean he's a pedophile. He might just be a sick demented child killer.

the difference?

A pedophile doesn't have to kill children. And a pedo doesn't even have to touch a child. A pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to children.

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I am making a picture and once Im done Ill edit this reply and put it in there. It will have some real people in it and real cars in a real city. It is probably going to be a crappy picture but at least I made it instead of linking to a picture from some other googled site like all the others in here.

Im done and here it is(I couldve done it bit by bit for the "professional look" but Ive got better things to do):


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ok eres my long list of wat i want

if pic not there its a shark i no there are sharks in vice but

i also want wild animals wolfs ete in the woods yes i wud

like a wood also more birds and make it so i cud shoot them

and rats of corse all them wild animals and aslo pets dogs

cats ete around the streets now im dun with the animals

onto lettin u into more buildings eg hospitals fire staions

more homes offices schools u no. saying that ive nerver

seen a school on the game or any kids or teenages if i went

to america now i wud so they need to add that as well u

cud nick a skate board off some kid lol and kill them as well

as there perents ha ha ha. ok and umm there sud be a tide and u shud be able to surf on waves that wud be cool. also the police need to be better like u get the navey on u if ure out to sea and they need to be smarter like if it were a real chase. suba divin is that right spelling prob not but i wud like to also do that. ahh more boats like drive a fairy around lol aslo plaines the jombo or hijack it i no i no not really good for wats going on right now wid terrisum but its not real so they might be able to get away with it seeying as everythin else is.

i wud like more wepons yesssss more realisic deaths like if i shot someones arm it wud fly off or nifed someone and there guts all come out lol. ps better cars real names better graphics prober fires not ones that go out wen u go around the corner more police shooting other people and not just u more crims to do i no there has to be a limit sumwhere but i want more it makes it more realistic. anythin else ive missed out i will put in other forms sorry if pics dnt show im avin truble loading them in :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil:

[Don't bother putting it in red, its messy and harder to read - Xenon]

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