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Way Back When

Spaz The Great

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So the Reunion thread made me happen to re-stumble upon these pages.

Everything to do with GTA 3 and Vice City

Remember this, Chris?

EDIT: So apparently it's a little retarded and doesn't recognize the second link even though it's directly copied from the browser.... Sooo, just click the "Message Boards" link from the first link.

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Haha wow talk about ancient. Some parts that amused me were:

GTA3 Info

I need someone to write something about this game, please contact me if you don't mind writing something.

About GTA:VC

Tommy is a 35 year-old punk just back from 15 years in maximum security. He is sent to Vice City by Sonny Forrelli for a drug deal. There, Tommy is set up and loses his money and is left without his cocaine. It seems Sonny is beginning to hate Tommy. Tommy has to get the money back so he can make it up to Sonny... yet the only way to do this is through crime. So cops, gangs, an people stand in his way... the only way he could last is to take over the city himself... what does he have to lose...

Thanks to Daniel Fomin for writing this

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Haha. Wow. Almost every GTA site was shit back then, it's a wonder anyone even took us seriously. Having a domain name helped - so many sites used free webhosting with tons of ads and popups (this was before AdBlock remember).

Lots of good memories from back then, despite it being partly to blame for me becoming somewhat reclusive and unsociable over the following years. Glad we're still around today, only 5 or so of us (websites) left who were around at that time.

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Glad you finally looked at this thread, Chris. I don't remember the blue layout, but I do remember Pyro showing me the high scores list, which is why he started coming here. People always talk about how long they've been here, and how they remember "the old days"..... I was here before IPB was here.

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Does anyone (ie Chris or Spaz) still keep in contact with Tom? I talked to him years back on MSN, but I wouldn't know his email or anything anymore.

I remember he returned for a very short while, and then left again. I haven't talked to him since then, but I do recall attempting to find him.

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