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I did a version of this lovely phone last October for the Sims 3, and now that I have a copy of EFLC I decided to give Luis (and maybe Niko) something that's a little, uh, different:


The ZTE Blade, also known as the Orange San Francisco, Smart Netphone 701, Dell XCD35 and various others depending on the carrier, is an Android-powered smartphone by China's ZTE Corporation. The phone boasts some rather nice features such as an 800x480 touchscreen display, a 3.2 or 5MP camera, and Android 2.2 Froyo.

Should work on the latest EFLC builds; I'll be porting this to the base game, too, if anyone wants a version of it for IV.

You might notice a bug at the viewmodel's screen wherein the back of the phone shows up somewhat while using the dialer. Might try to fix that thing in the later versions. I might make an Android-ish theme, too.

Special thanks to EsmeraldaF and some of my buds at Mod The Sims for being such a nice pal and for the advice, to my pals at GTAForums (Sergei, Good, scarface2k_gtasa and all the other guys out there), and to Crissi and Rachel at American Girl Playthings.







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The fact that each EP eats up about a DVD-DL's worth of space makes me think twice about installing all of them.

They normally shouldn't, it's just that making them bigger also makes 'em more difficult to pirate...

Anyway my game would take about 5 minutes to load before Pets.

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