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Is there a release date for Max Payne 3?

Is Max Payne being made rockstar north?

Made by Rockstar Games, they all appear to take some influence in the process, we'll see, but if Dan Houser's comment is correct, he joked about what's next, not knowing what it might be, suggests that GTA V will follow Max Payne's release. It's expected that there will be 3 trailers, much like last time, with one to follow before years end. I'm hoping not as long a wait as with GTA IV, that the game won't release in Oct 2012. We can hope they've disclosed it prior to any delays actually coming up, as they did with GTA IV, that this time, it is mostly done behind closed doors. Last time it was multiple reviews of various builds and features described never were finalized

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The GTA V Trailer was released on 2 November 2011. The GTA V release date, and what console GTA V will be released on, has not been revealed yet, and as of now is still unknown, although it is presumed by many to be released in 2012 or (provided the world doesn't end) 2013. It is also presumed that GTA V will be released on the PC, PS3 and/or the X-Box.

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