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Pornography on Facebook, how could this be stopped?


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I bitch at people all the time because they cry that they got hacked. Noooo, you're just retarded and clicked something you shouldn't have clicked. If you don't know what you're doing, get off the internet. For the record, it's mostly common sense. Then I get yelled at for "not helping any".

Exactly! People need to learn not to expose their acc. unless someone too dumb to check out some new link and signs up there to get chumped.

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Mark Zuckerberg did plenty of interviews, he's not trying to make Facebook a scam to users. More a boon to users, you can't expect advertisers to ignore the explosion it had. More on Facebook. The attack was claimed by Anonymous some time prior I believe, and luckily I wasn't harmed, and my PSN still seems as normal, but it had me worried. I used Twitter prior to FB and I used MySpace and still do about as frequently...which translates to hardly!

FB is not that hard to use, Twitter is more complicated because not everyone uses hash marks and short hand. I don't understand the complex code formatting requirement. The interface of Facebook to Skype for example... Works easy me thinks. Glad this wasn't terribly wide spread, or everyone would have been effected

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I don't see the point of facebook hate.

Do I see shit posted there that I don't like? Yes, and I can either unfriend the person who posts that stuff, or unlike a page, or even just hide their posts.

Besides, Facebook is a tool. It is a tool for social networking, keeping contact with people etc. It is also great for getting news, I mean, by liking a lot of bands', music websites', instrument manufacturers' pages I get a bunch of news on things that interest me so easily, it's a great way of accessing information. Point is, Facebook is a tool and hating a tool is ridiculous no? You don't hear people saying they fucking hate hammers or that wrenches should be banned...

And you also have control over a fair share of things on facebook, including what information you choose to make public or even just give (you don't have to give 'em your address or your phone number, you can choose to but no one is making you). You can also choose what you want to see on your wall. Do I have a particular taste for the 7th day Adventists, or those crazy evangelists, or disgusting images of abused dogs/people? no, which is why I steer clear from that bullshit.

It is also great for stalking, which personally, I think is awesome.

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...And I don't see the point in hating on MySpace. The argument about Info sharing holds true for just about any company, they're looking for ways to cut costs and it's hard to keep any info online safe, it demands you take great care in what information you make available, since once you give it up, you can't do much to get it back. Monitoring your Facebook and family on FB for instance, that demands the user make sure content is kept within acceptable limits. Some porn sites allow you to share on FB and Twitter, and that makes little sense to me, I guess, since often your family will be on the same FBook! haha

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