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JAB HacksouL

New Open Source Tool for Modding Textures

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My good friend King Brace Blane has added this video to the arsenal of modding tools.

They now plan to name this "Universal Modding Engine" or uMod for short.

Note: This video is closed caption and can be translated.


King Brace Blane said he hopes to add mesh deform to the program once they get it out of beta. The only drawback (if you call it that) is the method used for searching the textures. You have to scroll though roughly 2000 textures until the one you want lights up green.

They save as dds so far, which can be edited using the gimp. The program never accesses the game but actually uses the DX9 as a go between. I haven't done much more than redo some signs. But the program works pretty well.

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This sounds good, although I prefer editing the actual archives themselves. Still if you're looking for a quick texture shoop then this one's for you.

so its basically a new texture pack?

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Actually I was thinking along the lines of those poor souls with unmoddable versions of GTA or lacking technical skillz. ;)

This program never accesses the game itself. It works like this;

[uMod] <--IO--> [DirectX 9] <--IO--> [Video Game]

DirectX is being manipulated and not the game. You save a list of images inside a zip file and it paints over the top of your game. Same effect as digging into the database for those TXD files. It also can load and dump images from the game while the game is still running. This will even work on Steam accounts.

How many times have you told Steam users they can't mod their GTA? They are working on DirectX 8, 10 and 11 compatibility.

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