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BIOS error need help!


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Ok, i was turning my pc on but my BIOS gives 1short and 1 long beeps and this continues until you turn the pc off. I have removed all USB devices from the CPU but it still gives me the same beeping error.

how to solve this prob?

NOTE- This happens before i can even reach the BIOS screen.

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I think your system must be overheating its obvious if you system gets old or you fail to keep it in a dust free environment.

change the casing of your system or add some more fans to keep it cool.

Hope it works


That was as random as it can get.

Anyway if you have access to some spare parts (better or worse, doesn't matter as long as they are compatible) try changing every part until your PC works again.

Best to start with the RAM, then the GPU, etc...

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Typically, something as innocuous as the CMOS batt can cause beeping errors, if BIOS doesn't present onscreen text of any sort, then it's not as good a system as it should be. A few new motherboards allow you to use a GUI for BIOS from your desktop, but how do you get to it when your system is giving errors??

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