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Anyone here read X360 magazine?


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Just wondering if anyone here reads this magazine, it's UK based, the biggest independent mag for Xbox 360.

Reason I ask is because I've been asked a few GTA V related questions to give my opinions and thoughts on. Apparently they will quote some/all of my answers in issue 81 of the mag which goes on sale January 25th. TGTAP has appeared in a couple of mags before but only as a link to the website for whatever reason - this will be the first time I'll appear in a magazine as part of an actual "industry reaction" piece so that'll be nice.

Not sure how popular physical magazines are these days. Does anyone here read ANY gaming magazines?

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I've no idea. Probably not unless you ordered it online. The lack of responses to this topic pretty much confirmed my thoughts though, that hardly anyone actually picks up gaming mags any more.

Ah well. I'll pick it up if they do quote me. Never actually received a response from the guy after I replied with my answers to the questions he gave :/

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