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Windows 7 Also afflicted!

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Ever face Blue Screen of Death Stop Errors? Well, usually you can recover, with KSOD, the blacK Screen Of Death, there's not much you can do if all else fails, here's a good guide for tips, but after that has been attempted and failed, you'll be forced to daisy chain your drive and reclaim any data to a working bootable drive, then reformat, as I am faced with, LOSING my Vista Ultimate, I will be doing my part to let Microsoft know, I want use of my paid for COA for Ultimate back, and I suspect a wipe will entail re-registering

Maximum PC magazine covered a similar situation in which they were moving data to a new motherboard due to repairs or were upgrading because of size restraints, they didn't want to migrate mere folder and personalization settings, they needed a clone, hence, Clonezilla or like minded app comes into play!


Another problem facing Acer notebook users, I'll add here since it's worth noting, I've not determined why my touchpad and built in buttons associated with the palmrest stopped working other then some repeat attempts disassembling, but this is alarming actually ^^


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