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GTA V Gangs

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If you are a GTA Fan you will remember gangs in Vice City and SA:


Now thats just from SA, there may be a new gang system, and we may have the ability to choose which gang we want to be in.

Now, I have a few ideas of what the Gangs system could be:

- Ability to make gangs drive in their own cars following you.

- Ability to rename, give weapons to them.

- Ranked up

Now when you/they die they should be respawned to the most popular place of that gang available to recruit but evertime they die, they lose a point that you have to gain again. The respawn area may be in a place like Grove Street. For CJ's gang.

At the start you should be able to choose which gang you want to start in then later you have to go to a main gang in the game. At the start where you can choose, there's different missions for every gang. When you get moved/stay to the new gang, then you start playing like a pro' maybe the other gang to choose from are just to show you controls and features.

Now none if this information is official but it would be very effective to the storyline in my theory.

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Hey DarkMeshy, this post should be made in the GTA V wishlist, which is pinned on top of the GTA V forums section.

However, on a brighter note, I like your ideas. They seem pretty good.

Thanks dude.

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