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SanAndreas Technical FAQ


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Hello guys,

Now on this forum I have been seeing many problems so I've kinda experienced them my self.

Q. My spray paint ran out while I was doing a tag in Los Santos'

You've got bad luck, your status of spray and 100% competition will now be '###' sadly I cannot fix this. Sorry. Well you can always load a save or start a new game if you're that worried about 100%. To prevent this in the future check you have enough paint or use the Unlimted Ammo cheat.

Q. Hey! What's this I can't play basketball!!

For some reason when you save in Madd Dogs' mansion you get a bug that will not let you play basketball again. To fix this change your appearance completely ( accessories like watches too). And then save 3-4 times ( not in Madd Dogs house) and then try again.

Q. Why can't I work out in the gym? It says I worked out enough today and I've waited for ages?

Well, sometimes you just have to wait trying 24 minutes later ( a day in the game) if that doesn't work change your appearance like told in the basketball glitch.

Q. I'm having trouble with another minigame not listed here!

To fix this change your appearance completely ( accessories like watches too). And then save 3-4 times.

Q. Dude! Why the hell is there territories everywhere now? Including the desert, san fierro and las venturas.

This glitch was something that was not meant to be implemented by Rockstar. When you go to the southwest or southeast area of the map and get out of the boundaries of the map for 15 minutes + then comes back, you will see there's territories everywhere, so you can capture the whole map, the problem with this is that all you will see if Groove Street Families and only Groove Streets cars.

There is no way to fix this only by loading a save or starting a new game.

Q. My PS2 console says my disk is dirty!

You have a model that is not compatible with San Andreas, like me. The only way to fix this is not use cheats.

Q. My game is laggy!!

Probably because you used to many cheats or if your playing on a computer, your computer is not good enough to handle it turn down the graphics quality to low.

Q. My game keeps crashing!

If you are on a PC Go to documents , and you will see a GTA Sanandreas folder there click it and delete the .set file. Dude you don't see it? It's right over there dude! Phew, you finally found it.

If you are on a PS2/Xbox/Xbox 360 it's because you used too many cheats! You cheater!

Okay I guess that about covers just reply to me with more questions and I'll try answering them.

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FAQ Part 2:

Q.Huh? When I am coming back to Los Santos mission with Madd Dog he jumps off to fast! I cannot beat the mission!

A. Well, you've probably used Pedestrians Figh Each Other cheat, that causes him too fail and the mission can never been be beaten there is no way to disable this cheat sorry, start a new game/ or if you haven't used an cheat for Pedestrians then it's probably a normal human fail, not on the computers side.

Q: Where can I find Bigfoot?

A. Bigfoot is a mod, not real. Even if you have 100% completition you cannot do it regardless if you've seen it on YouTube.

Q. I'm having problems installing mods/gta samp/ gta sa multiplayer/

A.First check the readme file, and check you followed instructions perfectly, then check you have version 1, if you don't then download the patch (can be found in downloads directory here) Secondly sorry Steam Users, your version is can NOT be downgraded. Lastly, if all fails, this is a pretty common error but check if you selected the right directory for GTA San Andreas it should be in Hardrive/: Rockstar Games/ Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/

Please reply if you need further assistance.

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