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UFO, and strange thing in SA?

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Hello I am new here, and have been searching utube and stuff for the game Grand theft auto San Andreas for PS2. Why is it that it seems that on some game units weird things happen like you will see a UFO, Bigfoot, strange creatures, or CJ's dead mom at his house?

Is this something that can only be done on the PC version of the game, or can I get my PS2 to show these strange things to happen too?



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None of that stuff actually happens, if anything they're mods. Rockstar has said that there is definitley NO bigfoot, UFO's etc.

You could probably find mods that made that stuff happen, but I have only seen a bigfoot one.

The only 'Myth' that has any grain of truth are the ghost cars (cars that roll out of the wilderness), but these are programmed in so vehicles can be found if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

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