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Hello Everybody,

Welcome to my graphics shop, I will be making free graphics. This can include anything custom text, logo's signatures etc. And best of all, it's free. No Catch,no nothing. All graphics made with Photoshop CS5.

So here's some rules:

- If you don't like it don't complain, tell me to edit it ( I keep project files just in case) please also tell me what to edit.

-Do not abuse it, like getting graphics everyday, no way buddy :).

- I will be posting if not done in three days, there's a good explanation, bear in mind I have a life and friends too although I like making graphics for fun.

- No requestion drawing images, I will not spend time drawing.

That's about it now the order form template ( please use it when requesting graphics)

What you want: A description of what you can picture in your head.

How long do you need it in: Time you would like it to be done by.

Effects: Do you want in black and white?

Fonts: Any specific fonts or shall I choose?

Colours: Any colours or shall I choose?

Other Details: Include more like a theme or whatever. (Optional)

Featured Projects I have done before:

DrowGaming( my gaming community, not yet released) video intro still image :


If you would like to join the Graphics Shop Team ( by doing some requests frequently, PM Me)

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