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Need help ASAP! involved with modding

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Hi guys, i m fairly new to this forum, but i have a problem.

Ok for example, i went to install a ferrari mod through SAMI, and i picked it to change from greenwood.

So i went to find a greenwood and it was not a ferrari, ive done this with other cars too, it wont show the mods!

I really need help ASAP from anyone! If anyone is good at solving me problem here, Thats great :D

Thanks the best!


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well...sometimes with the mods and SAMI and other mod installers...with cars...if they car you want to install say a ferrari, a 2-door car, instead of a greenwood a 4-door car...you have to install a 2-door car...WITH a 2-door car. i could never get it to work any other way...i only used img 2.0 with weapons anyway...worked much easier...;-)

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