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Need help with a mod!

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I'm new to the forum, so hi :)

I joined because I was really struggling with the 'Flying School' mission, and after trying for hours, I could only complete the first two parts of the mission. I found the Flying School Done Save Game mod (

http://www.thegtapla...-done-game-save) and decided to try it. I did exactly as the Read Me said, but it hasn't worked. I open the game and choose the right saved game to load, but before it gets to the actual playing screen, the game crashes and shuts down. The saved game I had before still works, but I've found myself in the same position I was in before - completely unable to get any further in the game!

If anyone knows a way to sort this so the mod does work, or at least has any tips on how to get past this horrible mission, I'd really appreciate it!



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well amyxf28....coming from years of modding San Andreas...it sounds like the mod you downloaded isn't exactly "in sync" with the version of the game you have. if i remember right there is v1, v1.1 and v2.0. the 2.0 they made because of the whole "hot coffee" fiasco...lol. that might be your problem. gtagarage.com is a good place to look for mods...but the website has been down recently for some reason...but whe it up you can easily search through the SA mods by "game version"...

hope this helps. or maybe you put it in the wrong place....;-)

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