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Dear modders,

Recently I sarteted out a crime syndicate on a SA MP server. For this group im looking for a nice skinpack. Currently im using these normal skins. Just to give you a impression:


Rank 6: Boss

187 187q.th.png

Rank 5: Advisor

147 147nyh.th.png

Rank 4: High rollers

017 39442882.th.png 012 56258763.th.png 216 216k.th.png 150 150l.th.png

Rank 3: Head of Security

120 120i.th.png 076 94949743.th.png

Rank 2: Elite Security

171 171or.png 194 194t.th.png

Rank 1: Security

240 240zi.th.png 172 172k.th.png 011 92136895.th.png

I hopen someone can provide me with a skinpack that can make this a whole. The crew is multi-ethnic mafia based.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Best regards,


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