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GTA SA : Download Saves Won't Appear on my list

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So recently, I did something so I can stop the mouse freeze problem with my Vista PC.

Now it removed my saves, being lazy to re-do my missions until Doberman, I wanted to do a 100% Completed Save. I just learned I can make Machinimas too but that would take too long. I now then searched for a few saves I can download for my game so then I downloaded many but none would show up in my load list. So, now, I degraded my San Andreas and it's v1. Yet the saves still won't work.

http://i.imgur.com/bkMcK.png - My Current Saves List

So I reinstalled SA, downloaded more, replaced the files and now deleted and pasted the files. So mine looks like this :


So, please, please help! I also got Cleo installed to San Andreas, if that helps.

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