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Increasing/ decreasing specs ran ingame for GTA IV

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I was wondering how I can decrease and or increase my specs while ingame to get better drawing rate and FPS and whatnot.

Any help without having to go into my BIOS would be greatly appreciated.

Here's my specs, sorry I'm a bit of a noob still can't get the hang of doing an ingame photo:

Video: 800x600

Aspect Ratio: Auto

Texture Quality: Low

Reflection Resolution:Off

Water Quality: Low

Shadow Quality: Off

Texture: Tri-Linear

View Distance: 1

Detail Distance: 1

Vehicle Distance: 1

Definition: Off

VSync: Off

Auto Config


Resource Usage: 202/114MB

My Computer Specs are as follows:

Processor: Intel ® Core 2 Duo CPU T 5550 @ 1.83GHz 1.83 Hz

RAM, 2.00G

64 Bit OS

Windows 7 Home Premium

Product ID: 00359-OEM-8992867-0010

Again, any help without going into my BIOS and cmd and SafeMode would be greatly appreciated and helpful.

Thanks guys!

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I'm at the first screen of the diag tool, my BIOS IS vER 1.00parttbl8

Memory: 2048MB RAM

Page File: 1434MB used, 2658MB available

Direct X Version: 11


Name: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

Chip Type: GeForce 8400 GS

DAC Type: Integrated RAMDAC

Approx Total Memory: 885MB

Current Display Mode: 1280 x 768 (32bit) (60Hz)

Monitor: Generic PnP Monitor

DirectDraw: Enabled

Direct3D Accel: Enabled

AGP Texture Accel: Enabled


Main: vnd3dum,nvd3dumx.dll,nvwgf2umm

Version: 7,15,11,7605

WHQL Logo'd: Yes

DDI Version: 10

Driver Model: WDDM 1.0

Hope yall don't need more I can provide if needed tho.

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I'm looking at getting this HP g7-1310us 17.3 inch screen, has about 6 gigs of ram,

not sure if the processor mentioned on it is quad core or not but I was wondering

if it could run IV fairly well. My current can run San Andreas but it's just too damn


Seems legit, but I'd go for a desktop instead. Besides, the HD3000 graphics that laptop has doesn't seem to cut it quite a lot.

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With PC, you have to access the normal menu and it's added PC attributes, two in terms of DISPLAY adjustments, normally one found in consoles as well. I would think this is easy to do, but it takes a bit of time, it's not done on the fly, for PC, the process of gaming graphics is intense for the PC handling of data, a console in contrast is geared all toward running game data, a PC is not, no matter how you equip that PC, it's not a game built machine, it's likely to support gaming more then a utilitarian machine, one used for all things, BUT....

Even a "gaming computer" is designed around the same slot expanding ATX style board designs, CPU and GPU as well as any North or Southbridge assigned to addressing hardware portals. The game play is not streamlined when it's disrupted by adjustments

Some small software can run along with game code, but every time something is doing that, it's using the same system resources.

If you're not swayed to go PC over laptop, look for PCIExpress supporting MXM cards. I've made a big deal on what has what, if you Google Acer and MXM, you'll see my postings come up, I'm determined to get more into MXM able laptops in the future. The Asus G73 for example, a very spendy gaming able i7 CPU driven notebook, will cost you $1000 there abouts

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