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MegaDave aka MegaDeth on Audience

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I missed it, of all the TV to miss... thankfully it's found segments online, but any ANY fan of Metallica and or Megadeth should be aware they taped and aired a GUITAR CENTER SESSIONS interview and live performance, it aired yesterday. I was thinking more of the Robert Blake interview on CNN, which I did see, but I should have programmed a recording of this in advance. If you know of a re-airing, post it here. Any MD and Metallica fans, share your thoughts? I saw Dave commenting in the show's promos. It's on DirecTV as mentioned in the link


Dave said something I found rings very much true for me, I was always raised as a Christian and supported MD on YouTube, noting a backlash because he's considered a born-again Christian, but more power to him for getting his life centered in such a manner, as I see it, I just don't think censoring his catalog music is needed over his beliefs, That I would take exception to, as a fan of all their history

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