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Newbs Games for WinLive

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I've had the PC copy of Episodes sitting around, and not a good enough platform I wanted to dedicate to it until the past month I felt I'd bite the bullet and get it going on something, though it's still not best suited. I plan to try a few systems and see what results. Loading up everything I was able to get the PC online working with my Games for Windows Live associated Gamertag, without really knowing what would work. I've played the SP or Single Player and done MP or Multi in relation to the Xbox Live variation Gamertag, but with GfWL, I can access friends contacts there and log in, update with Social Club, you know. However, never done Multiplayer on PC

Normally with XBL, have to buy some GOLD to do any MP, then it expires and I'm shut out. The big question is if I can do the same on PC without paying any fee?? I also have heard that Games For Windows Live may tweek and evolve as Windows 8 and Windows 9 become the new OS standards in the years ahead, that perhaps XBOX discs might even run under Windows!

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