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Gonna start another topical thread on GTA 5, 5 years in the making, not much known at all! hahaha

This one will center on what GTA attributes are worth keeping either for one successor or for GTA as a franchise

What is most likely in your own mind, what makes GTA or maintains what defines the series?

Some people think it should pertain to crime in the more original idea of Gangsters or at least a young protagonist they can relate to. My thought has always been that a mature title with enough controversy already doesn't need kids in it, it's gotten by with believable factor so far, however, as it strives for even more realistic game play, a slightly younger character seems hinted at with the suggested cast leaks. We don't really know that yet

I do expect animals to liven any NON city locations, where the vibe should change as it is seemingly transforming so far as a series.

Definitely ditch the police WANTED level system, more improvements in crouching and using anything in the surrounding, as far as climbing Parkour style

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Parkour style movement wouldn't be good for GTA, as not many people are that good at parkour and it's quite a difficult sport. Parkour works well for games like Assassins Creed purely because of the assassin theme and because of the games settings in the medieval and renaissance period.

Animals would be good to have, I mean other games have them so GTA wouldn't be overstepping a boundary. I don't think kids are ever going to be in a GTA game, I read somewhere where the developers said it would never happen ever.

I hope decisions are allowed to be made similar to gtaiv. They were good and made you feel apart of the storyline.

What I want to see though is a big improvement on the weapons. It seems as though most GTAs stick with pretty much the same weapons.

I mean if we have military jets maybe cluster bombs could be added or some other types of military missiles. Plus I'd like to see some antique guns in the game that could kind of be 'earned' through missions. Plus I would like to hold two different weapons of the same type as well. I would like rocket propelled grenades too. Plus if we have military aircraft, maybe we could have some anti aircraft misssiles and anti tank missiles.

Plus the aiming system has to change, I mean automatic aim is not really necessary anymore because of multiplayer. I think the system of GTAIV should be incorporated where you could have manual and automatic aim. But automatic aim should be harded, much harder.

I dont expect everything I want to be implemented, but GTAV will be a good game :D

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