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Just name some of the best glitches you've randomly done and know of.

I was playing some Vice City and when I went to steal a car, there were 2 people in it, and one got out but then another one came back in and replaced me in the drivers seat but Tommy didn't get out. Then it was driving and I couldn't control it, and I changed the camera angle and I noticed it was the pedestrian driving and I was seeing everything from his point of view some how! I let it go for a while then got out of the car and Tommy got out but the pedestrian was still in the drivers seat and just drove away. It was pretty cool and random, has anyone had this glitch before?

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One time when I was doing the mission where you gotta follow Candy Suxxx in a chopper, I got in the chopper, the rotor disappeared and the chopper started having a seizure, it flew itself through the ocean floor xD


every time i turn off the frame limiter, some crazy shit happens, like I had a chainsaw and i made people go flying 20 feet in the air with it xDDDD

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