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GTA3 - Vice City: How to Really Steal the Hunter

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GTA3 - Vice City: How to Really Steal the Hunter

1) Begin 'All Hands on Deck!' Episode - Final Mega Yacht Mission.

2) Eliminate the first three boats, eliminate the next three dinghies and the cat.

3) Steal the "Tropic" large yacht that pulls along side the mega yacht.

4) Pull the Tropic to the back of the mega yacht, shoot the first two helicopters.

5) Move quickly away before the Apache (Hunter) attack copter appears.

6) Sail to the last dock before Starfish island on the city side, with Hunter following.

7) Run along seawall, with Hunter following, to airport turn off.

8) Run to grass field behind Sunshine Motors, with smaller rifle from yacht, shoot at pilot of Hunter.

9) The driver door must pop open, the Hunter must land with only one explosion, the blades must be visible.

10) Push Hunter into first garage bay at Sunshine Motors using infinite super run, and a lot of patience.

11) Close garage, open, smile. But, DO NOT TOUCH! Return to Tropic, motor back.

12) Sink final boats, be careful of lingering gunmen, do not try to re-board mega yacht.

13) Hunter now lives in your garage like any other car, only, just push out to use.



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Probably a good question, for a more versed player than I. I've only played this game once, and could not say if i have or not completed that mission, but can say I've never cheated or used another known trick to get where I did. Further, the game saves GTAVCsf3.b and GTAVCsf4.b are now available on the referenced website above for download that we might all see, and play, and try this maneuver ourselves, today.

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