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Trailer / Teaser GTA Five

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We've seen the GTA V preview trailer and basically the World's First official announcement for the game in the space of two weeks.... then half a year for some screenshots, I'm sure in that space of time, you've watched the preview trailer countless times. In as much time, with GTA IV, we had three trailers, didn't we? Anyway, What are your thoughts on how the trailer represents the game at present?

After that much time and initial impressions have likely changed somewhat

Include comparisons of any future trailers in this thread as well....

What prompts my post is that I was testing my 2005 back alley MCE find, an HP making use of Pentium D and four DIMM slots occupied with a Pentium 820, that being 2.8Ghz in duel core, and 2GB of RAM, my 78MByte HD resolution trailer download finally played without hitches, it's interesting to note too, it even looked more like HD then before. I downloaded from Rockstar's site, at the time, probably the 720P version of the trailer, but trying to play it on every computer I've got, it has stumbled and fell more then a few times, it makes me think a computer that can handle the trailer can handle the game! Should expect as much, I think

Offer further views below...

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