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GTA V Beta sites - Keep away

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Hi everyone, haven't posted anything on here for a good while lol. Now back to what I'm trying to say. This has most properbly been posted before, but just trying to keep people aware out there.

It came to my attention while browsing some Facebook pages, I came across 2 links to websites that are apparently offering, Grand Theft Auto V beta keys. Sites like this should be avoided and reported to the publisher of the said video game, in this case, it’s Rockstar Games. I have reported the sites to Rockstar so it’s only a matter of time before these sites will be taken down.

You should always be aware that no publlisher would offer beta keys to the public to test, some do I know, but only via their own official website, Social Networks or through Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

Here are some guidelines you should follow, so you can keep browsing the web safely:

  • Do not enter your email address otherwise you may encounter alot of spam coming your way
  • Do not ‘Like’ them via Facebook otherwise this may cause some privacy concerns for you
  • Do not download anything from the sites, unless you want your computer to be invested with viruses and malicious software.

Any legitimate Rockstar or GTA fansites will NEVER link to such things, unless it was released by Rockstar. (Which will never happen).

Therefore keep away from any such sites and report them.

Also on another topic, there is a Facebook page for 'GTA V' but they are trying to pretend to be Rockstar Games themselves and have been linking to the sites mentioned above. But people need to be on alert of such things, especially in this day of age. So keep surfing safe, and if it sounds too good to be true, it properbly is.

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Old news! Btw these type of sites were active since the very first trailer that was sooooooo.....ten months ago.

Anyways, since Rockstar already have said and i quote "If you didn't hear it from here( http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire ) it is obviously fake."

I know but people still need to be aware, even if the sites have been around for months. And it's always good to still warm people, because some people out there don't even consider the risks.

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Well, the original origin code they offered, I got it from my pal Mike, but I didn't delve into exploring it, I do give them deserved kudos for the free GTA 1 and 2 offerings, but as much as I hope to be surprised by some demo offering on XBLive Marketplace or even PSN Plus, it's not in their nature or policy to do so.

I recant my comment about "ever", never say never, but they know people are dedicated to GTA at this point, and don't see a need to milk it with a demo pre-release

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