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[REQUEST] Need a mod that shows people on the minimap while in a chopper and a MOD that allows more people into the raindance (blackhawk)


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Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and have decent knowledge about modding.

I am looking for two modifications

First Mod

- Shows people on the minimap while in a chopper of any sort.

- Works like a UAV from Call of Duty

- I know this mod is around cause I saw a guy using it and he was too stubborn to give me the link to it.

- It's for MY multiplayer server so that only I can use it to keep track of where everyone is

- May require CLEO

Second Mod

- Basically allows more people into the raindance

- It is often reffered to as the blackhawk mod

- Need the download link for it

I cannot find it on google and I need your help on this one guys. Please help me out. Thanks

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