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Yeah as others have said I think everyone is busy these days. I joined in 2006 (wow :o) and in those days I was going to school. I left school in 2008 and now work. I still visit from time to time though. I miss what the forum once was.

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Prize give-away to celebrate 10 years upcoming next month? The GTAP birthday smash!?

To what Spaz is saying, it's the whole of the problem we've had, people don't want to commit to legions of forums, another sad truth of it, they see that GTAF just has constant posts, no matter what the state of the World, and it nearly boggles the mind, as such, it also is a natural By-product that there's trolls and spam there in an unavoidable amount. That's the main thing we're GLAD to be divorced of, believe me!!

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