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Intel Haswell CPUs

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We'll add more details as they emerge, and I mentioned earlier, what will make this an exciting or enticing move forward for new hardware buyers? The earliest concern was whether a new motherboard would be needed, the 2011 socket being used, etc? Ultrabooks look to be the first to get what is shaping up to be CORE4, DO MORE....

Here's an interesting article on the GPU side, challenging AMD's ATI or nVidia graphics GPU cards, which seems silly still, the Extreme branded Intel graphics subset of 2001 - 2002 era computing was anything buy exciting, it was hoped EXTREME GRAPHICS meant something in competition with AGP slotted motherboards of the time, but it was really misleading, to say the least!



Besides a claimed TWICE AS POWERFUL graphics facelift over Ivy Bridge CPUs, the improvements to the 22nm die will have impact on increased battery life and efficiency for notebook and "netbook" Ultrabook consumers

The idea the PC market is sluggish has been suggested for over a year now I believe, with even rumors Dell will stop putting out it's own line of PCs to focus on software or networking specialist areas, over consumer market interest

This hasn't come to pass yet though.

For tablets and portable devices, it's benefits will be the most tauted one can expect, but gamers, perhaps Maximum PC can shed some light on how it can benefit a hard core gamer's rig?


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