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Wheel problems with GTA mod installer

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Hi anyone,

New to using mods for GTA games and have come across a strange problem with the Vice City mod installer. All the mods I go for are of real life versions, and in the pictures of these cars the modder has done the full job.

But whilst some cars have the full mod works including wheels, other do not... even though the pictures of the cars on the download screen have the modified wheels. Take a look at the pictures and you'll see what I'mn getting at. All cars are of master class mod work, and I highly doubt after detailed interior and exterior mody work, they would leave the ugly default wheels on them. I'm using GTA V5. Mod Installer.


The reason I ask is because I really like the work of a modder by the name of Sin4k5/5k4 and his Audi's. I know he always does a top class job, but even his Quatttro was missing the Quattro wheel as featured in his download picture.

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