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HD ready TV decision

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I got a freebie tossed out Magnavox HD-Ready TV, it's 26 inch with built in DVD, it runs progressive maximum resolution at 720P, not bad, and I believe no HDMI but component input, Anyone who's gamed with their Xbox using HD Component versus VGA or HDMI knows it can still deliver a great High Res gaming experience, a smaller screen on average benefits

Back in the day of this particular PRE HD model, eBay might not be your main Go-To source for parts, many complained about the service that Magnavox gives, and although that company brought you optical disc first (LASERDISC!!!) and also gave you your first taste of home console gaming, beating home computing by more then a year!!!

Magnavox never did get out of a bottom bracket market brand, but historically they were ahead of the revolution that saw it's future brighten in the 1980s and 1990s

The question I'm battling with, although I'm fairly determined to replace the AC adapter is that it costs, comes at a premium based on the TV's size and power requirement I believe, whereas smaller adapters costs less ...much more reasonable



The TV appears in good 'used' condition, no screen issues, but with an original defective 4 PIN connector to a wall outlet, Once the screen was energizing, the power supply took a hit and it failed to power on, going back into a STAND BY state (based on LED lighting)

So, to make sure it truly works without fault, a new power supply needs to be bought. It's a gamble that might not pay off, what would you do in my case??

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