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help me plz


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can any one help me by telling how to install a vehcle mod which have only txd file and some time more then a txd file.i can install files which have txd and dff files but not txd.so help plz..and also how to install gta iv hud to san andreas?advance many thanks

Gta iv hud:

1. Go on www.gtaplanet.de

2. Go on "Mods"

3. Go on "GTA: San Andreas"

4. Go down on the site then you will find the Mod.

5. Download it.

6. Rename your "vorbisfile.dll" into "vorbisfilebackup.dll".

7. Drag all Files in the archive in the GTA SA Folder.

8. Go and Play the game and you will see it will work.

vehcle mod:

watch that vid

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