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News forums moved, de-cluttering in progress


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Just a quick update to let everyone know I've moved all of our news subforums (the forums where we post GTA news in that appears on the homepage). Each news forum has been put in its respective GTA forum. So we're now posting all our GTA V news in the GTA V forum, and so on for each game in the series.

Couple of reasons for doing this:

  1. More logical to keep topics related to each game all in one area, rather than having news and game discussion in separate places.
  2. The forum homepage looks a bit cluttered and possibly intimidating especially for new users. This will reduce the number of forums visible and it now should be more obvious where to find all topics for each game.

In addition, the Suggestions / Help forum has been moved to the bottom of the page. This has been done to discourage new members from asking GTA help in there, and the fact it doesn't really need to appear in a prominent place.

Do let us know if you have anything to say regarding these small changes.

Upcoming Changes

Even with these changes, the forum homepage is still looking pretty cluttered and very text heavy. I'm currently experimenting with a new layout for this page and we'll make this publicly available for testing when we're ready, your feedback will be useful. A new topic will be posted here in the announcements forum when we're ready to test that.

Excitement for GTA V is getting a lot higher now and it's great to see more of you posting and commenting on all the news recently. Don't forget you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ if you prefer to stay up to date that way. And by the way, we'll be holding some competitions to win a copy of GTA V soon, so there are additional benefits to following us elsewhere on the web ;)

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We pretty much do navigate that way, Usually news sections are just for a quick read, but if you're like me, the forum aspect is to hear what the people think about any reports coming down the pike (or grapevine, if you like)

I thought giving away a copy of GTA V would also suit GTAChronicles for a contest, just if it's alright as a quick mention, it's going to be discussed with enough time I hope, so people can get it on it, our idea MIGHT be to guess a song that you expect to see in the game, artist, song closest to the real deal as it's released in the game could win a free copy....I'm honest in saying your idea to give away a game had no bearing on my idea for a contest at GTAC! ha ha True!

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