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You have to download Windows Live Essentials just as you have to download and select Security Essentials for some time now, but it's worth it ultimately... was reading that adding Media Center on top of Windows 8 as it stands, supercedes the COA of the OS, so you can basically get it for FREE, so I'd say, stop complaining! My Windows 8 Preview version STILL works, and I made my ISO copy for both 32 bit and 64bit, so I can't complain too much, it's still the RT edition as I keep mentioning, RT is intended for portable devices more then mainstream PC machines including older x86 laptops, however, they are supporting the more endowed version of Win8 on non-Surface Windows portables, The Pro version we should specify, however, I had read something about a further Windows 8 offered this year versus last, I'm not sure the complete story, but we'll certainly see what this year brings


but I believe the waiting now will be worth it down the road when you get this!.....


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Do you no feel though that you are sort of doing part of Microsoft's job for them? I mean if you are happy with it then great, tha'ts all that counts at the end of the day what I was saying was I would feel a bit cheated if I had spent that much money on an OS that I then had bug fix... Personally I don't think I will be rushing out to get win8 anytime soon maybe if they release a service pack that makes it more user friendly on a desktop then I will consider upgrading.

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