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GTA V - 12 NEW GTA V SCREENSHOTS via Insidegamer

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GTA V Information! NEW Official GTA V Information from Insidegamer. GTA V is a much anticipated game that is due to come out very soon! Hope you enjoy, if you enjoy this GTA V video be sure to share it on Facebook & your favourite forum!


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I was looking at Analysis threads for the second trailer the other day, saw that one with the kid in it, looks nearly identical to Michael's son in GTA V, at least eerily so I think!

As for the game based on the second trailer, and it's evolution (game improvements in one year's time), I watched a YouTube video playing at -1x speed, slowed down a bit to dissect it better... One thing they did do was step by step backward and forward through explosions and the dog running elements of that action sequence, you could see just what might be improved when they speak of the physics work done SINCE GTA IV.... I think this will be a major shift from GTA IV, though still not like jumping from PS2 to PS3 or to HD Xbox360, the switch from 4 to 5 in this generation will have slight improvements graphically, but I think for AI and the World details, we will see some marked improvement, vehicle handling as well might translate to flying, though they haven't said as much

The main thing I'm settled on seeing this now, comparing to last years' trailer and GTA IV is that the graphics won't be astounding photo-realism, nor are they striving for photorealism as Aaron Garbut told Game Informer, but he did say every bit of managed SCALE in graphics detail will be evident in this GTA, where you can zoom in or out, for example, high above the Cityscape on land or in the air, or in a store scanning products in GTA on the shelf, each graphic element of that world will have it's own detail, as before, but hoped improved as well.

The biggest thing yet to come I think, then, is knowing just how large the game will actually be!

Speaking on the year old rumor listing, you CANNOT change character weight, and while I think some of those ideas were in truth discussed for GTA V, not all came or will come to fruition, such as petrol, Sam Houser suggested and made that known that the build staff shot down his idea for that already, why would it change now? There's a slight chance, but as they state, no children in GTA EVER, I believe in keeping the game Mature rated with proper adult themes, it's good to do so. Also, harming dogs we know are in the game, there would be little effective point if you can't harm them in the realistic sense, but there won't be RDR's horses

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