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Speculation: Trevor and Michael brothers?


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Has it been suggested that Michael and Trevor are brothers? It's been said that Michael has "family problems" which could go beyond his wife and kids. They look similar, almost like a "good brother, bad brother" thing, only more convoluted based on their motivation.

This also makes Franklin's role as a surrogate son to michael more interesting.

He may have to choose between the young guy, who was like a son to him, and his own brother, who has finallly gone out of control. With the allure of the almighty dollar always present.

Just a thought. haha. Pure speculation based on the info released. They may be waiting for a big reveal of that plot element. ;)

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Nope, I would say 99.8% sure, the cousins thing was done to the hilt in GTA IV, and these are just related friends who in active switching won't have much bearing on each other's lives so in that the game offers a unique perspective as you swap protagonists, if they were related, there'd be more shared history and things in some cases, the intersecting would be higher I believe.

There's nothing hinting at them being related, We have Franklin who I think will be a more level headed, easier to deal with friend for Michael, whereas it's made rather obvious Trevor is the loose cannon among them all

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