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IGN Day 2: Meet the Characters, Interview with Les Benzies, New Screenshots


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Day 2 of IGN's GTA V blowout brings us a more detailed look at the three main characters, a great interview with Rockstar North studio head and Producer of GTA, Leslie Benzies. And as promised, they also have two exclusive new screenshots to show off, here they are:

rsg_gtav_screenshot_055.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_057.jpg

See more in our

GTAV Screenshots gallery.

Next up, IGN's interview with Les Benzies. The interview is a good read and includes a few details on certain things in GTA V. We've picked out a few interesting quotes below, but we certainly recommend reading the whole thing.

"We do have a bunch of missions in GTA V that are far more freeform than anything we have done before," he continues. "We tell you to go get something and the player decides how to do it - what characters they need on the job and what tools they need for those characters."
you can expect to see dogs guarding areas and causing the player trouble when they try to sneak past them.
If the player wants to get their hands on one of the more 'high end' vehicles early in the game they'll have to work for it. For instance, airport security won't let you just wander in and steal a jet, they'll give you some serious opposition.

And finally, looks like we might be hearing about multiplayer some time soon:

Refining open world multiplayer into something really special has been a huge focus of development and we are very excited to share more information with people soon.


on the multiplayer side we hope that GTA V will do for multiplayer open world games what GTA 3 did for open world single-player games.

Lastly, we have IGN's Meet the Cast article which sheds a bit more light on the three main characters. We'll be updating our own characters page shortly to reflect the new details.

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Trevor looks like, as someone mentioned on Rockstar's site.... Phil Collins....after a long bender, I suppose! hahaha

As far as stealing planes or luxury cars, judging from what's been said, there's probably some sneaky ways, CHEAT FREE to go about doing that, and I'm sure some gamers are looking to do just that first time into the game.

For guard dogs, how about bribing them with treats?? Wonder if that's possible of course? For the Open World objective free-form, one could expect that is what Rockstar might expand in future directions, however, wonder what the standard BRADY game guide might cover then, if there's a plethora of workable solutions per mission?!?

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With the second trailer on Day 3, they must have had a tough time with more content at the same time, I'm not sure where that digest is, but now it's on to another day of this 'media blitz', I've been off in the real World with a lot of my time, is there going to be updates on that here?

Anyway, It's of note that Leslie Benzies doesn't talk too much about GTA anymore, as a spokesperson high up for Rockstar Games / North, but whomever uses his name on Facebook heard from me! hahaha

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